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Beds-MM-logoBedfordshire & Luton: Motorcycling Matters

This website gives information about training for bikers including Bedfordshire Police’s RideSafe assessments for post-test riders and Take Control, a FREE half day post-CBT training course.

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Cambridgeshire: various

The Cambridgeshire County Council website provides details of a number of training providers offering a range of different training options.

For more information please email: road.safety@cambridgeshire.gov.uk


Hertfordshire Biker Magazine

Hertfordshire Biker Magazine, published twice a year and available online, provides a range of advice for Hertfordshire motorcyclists. There is also information online about training options and providers.

Hertfordshire Biker Magazine
Motorcycle training




Hertfordshire Biker Down

Biker Down is a free course for motorcyclists and motorcycle clubs. The course, which lasts about three hours, is in three parts: how to manage the scene of a bike crash; taking care of a casualty; and what may work (or not work) when it comes to making yourself more visible to other road users.

Contact Tony Smith for more information.



huggerNorfolk: Hugger Challenge

The Hugger Challenge is a 90-minute assessment by an experienced instructor that will either confirm that you are riding well or offer you some further training. The cost for the Challenge is £43 and additional training is offered at £29 per hour. Click here for more information or contact roadsafety@norfolk.gov.uk or call 01603 638115 to book a place.



Suffolk: Rider Plus, Young Rider & Safe Rider

Rider Plus is a full day of 1:1 training that will help you to ride more safely on the roads of Suffolk and beyond.

Young Rider is 1:1 training to look at riding skills that will improve safety and reduce risk for riders of mopeds and smaller motorcycles.

Safe Rider comprises a series of motorcycle workshops to help improve riders’ awareness and ability while on the road.

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